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About Saylalala

Saylalala provides the most rewarding and most transformative Drivers' community that helps the restaurateurs to strengthen their own independent business.

Saylalala provides you with a platform to fulfil your food deliveries using our fleet of drivers on a pay as you go basis. With Saylalala App your business can easily assign a driver at a click of a button, as and when an order is received. You can track the delivery until it is been delivered to your customer on a real-time basis. Take advantage of our fleet of De’bees who will take care of all your deliveries 24/7 in less than an hour.

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Do what others can't:

Increase your offering to the customer. With the flexibility of the available fleet of D'bees throughout the day, you can be free to offer delivery service any time of the day. We provide a platform where the drivers get delivery orders directly on the phone and at the same time they meet the deliveries to the end customers.

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Our Values:

Saylalala strives to provide the most rewarding and most transformative Drivers community that helps the restaurateur to strengthen their own business, rather than becoming a slave of all the aggregators in the market.

Put your brand first:

Instead of relying on the mercy of aggregators or the 3rd party portals to send you the orders for deliveries at the restaurant or the takeaway, you rather your brand to the forefront and increase your orders directly with customers. 

Most of the restaurants don't sign up with third-party service providers because of high percentage commissions to be paid and they receive deliveries directly but they still have to pay the drivers a salary to get their food delivered. The idea of Saylalala will transform and help all these food joints with their delivery requirement at easy access to the drivers and lowering the delivery cost substantially.