Just SAYLALALA with DeBees

Where Drivers meet Deliveries!

Did you know?
“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” Said, Albert Einstein rightly!

These buzzy little creatures are also known to be the busiest little creatures in the animal and insect kingdom. And it is their industrious nature that inspired us at, SAYLALALA to make the buoyant bee our mascot and put them in the driver seat! Yes, our drivers are DeBees! Because ‘De Bee the Best’! You ask WHY?

Because just like bees, SAYLALALA’s DeBees team is a dedicated team of drivers constantly working to make food deliveries possible and in time! Just one tap, come rain or sunshine, anytime of the day; our DeBees are ready to make restaurant food deliveries to customers with a smile!

SAYLALALA’s DeBees drivers, are constantly communicating and are always connected, just like bees. With the SAYLALALA app for restaurants and drivers individually, DeBees execute food delivery orders seamlessly.

With food deliveries taken care of by SAYLALALA, it is easy now, to grow a food business in UK with more collect orders! Restaurants can simply book a DeBee on the SAYLALALA app to deliver all collect food orders across UK.

Just like the “waggle dance” of Bees, the SAYLALALA app equips DeBees with precise directions for order destinations, so your food delivery orders are in time and customers delighted! SAYLALALA and the DeBees team enables restaurants to fulfil their food orders, in turn helping restaurants build their brand loyalties with their own customers, and grow their businesses!

Say good bye to hiring drivers on hourly rates! UK Restaurants can now connect to a DeBee with just one tap on the SAYLALALA app and track each delivery to its destination! What’s more? Restaurants pay ONLY when they need to make a delivery. Rest assured, a DeBee will always be standing by for you!

Why Deliver with SAYLALALA’s DeBees?
Just like bees that drive value in nature from pollination to collecting nectar to working in the hive ecosystem; SAYLALALA’s delivery drivers in UK are creating value at every level. Our DeBees driver’s ease restaurant owner’s delivery woes, allowing restaurants to create outstanding menus and food. With the SAYALALALA food delivery app, restaurants pay NO commissions on food order deliveries. Restaurants pay ONLY when there’s a delivery, thus incurring no fixed costs on driver salaries.
A DeBee is always available on the SAYLALALA App for any UK restaurant. A team of DeBees drivers are working round-the-clock to ensure that restaurants cater to 24/7 dining needs of customers. Whether a restaurant has a food delivery at 10 am or even 1 am, a DeBee on the SAYLALALA app will always be available to complete the order delivery anywhere in UK.
The moment a restaurant books a DeBee for a delivery on the SAYLALALA app, a DeBee has set his mind to create a seamless customer experience on behalf of the restaurant. From a pick up at the restaurant to the final delivery, DeBees focus on achieving the goals assigned. The SAYLALALA app has been designed to allow a DeBee to focus and complete one delivery order at a time anywhere in UK.
DeBees are part of the SAYLALALA Family and while DeBees deliver independently, the whole SAYLALALA team works together to make each order delivery possible. With a robust food delivery app that ensures the DeBees are always there to delivering delicious delicacies from every restaurant, SAYLALALA’s DeBees are bonded by teamwork.

SAYLALALA’s DeBees are the solution every UK restaurant has been waiting for. So, just #SAYLALALA and deliver food orders anywhere in the UK today!

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