You Will Survive This Pandemic.
Will Your Food Business?

In these troubled times, there's no denying the fact that the world as a whole has experienced some major changes unlike anything we've seen before in recent history. Along with these major changes, we've also seen some changes which when compared to the bigger issues of the world, seem almost miniscule. One such change is the irrevocable difference in diners' relationship with eating out. Seems like just a speck in the grander scheme of things, doesn't it? Well, if you're in the food business, think again. Oh, and I hope you're preparing!

Change in frequency of visiting to pubs, bars and restaurants following coronavirus (COVID-19) warning in the United Kingdom (UK) on March 16, 2020*

The part of the pandemic that involved intense and unforgiving lockdowns may be nearing its culmination, but the traces it will leave behind are set to continue to haunt food business in the UK even today. Though the economy is slowly set to re-open, food businesses can't just go back to "business as usual". In fact, food businesses will have to learn to adapt to this "new normal" if they want any chance at their food business surviving covid-19.

As Bob Dylan rightfully once said, "The Times They Are A-Changin". Don't believe him? Take a look at the statistics: with a 24% decline in eat-in, a 44% rise in collection, and a 32% rise in delivery, dine-in eating is a prospect at the brink of collapse. It's estimated that 2 out of 3 meals in the UK are ordered for home delivery and at least 4 out of 5 families regularly order food from a local restaurant.

With a large chunk of customers quickly and continually deviating towards food deliveries for their own comfort and safety, the demand for an efficient and cost-effective delivery mechanism for food businesses is at an all-time high.

Given that Covid-19 has changed the way everyone eats, works, and lives now; food business "new normal" must include a food delivery option to reach new potential customers and keep serving existing customers.

How can you find a reasonable and reliable solution to the food delivery changes in demand?


Saylalala aims to transform the food business industry by providing an economical delivery solution that enables ease of business, operationally and commercially, and hence create an efficient, ground-breaking, and sustainable food delivery ecosystem.

Saylalala connects drivers directly to restaurants on demand via the Saylalala app. Restaurants pay a minimal fee to access our army of delivery drivers, fondly named De'Bees, paying only for the deliveries made and that too at a nominal competitive price. Food businesses now have a delivery solution and delivery drivers an opportunity to earn extra money on their own terms and time, all just a tap away with Saylalala.

We have a vision to help food businesses in the UK keep up with the challenges brought upon them, and in fact, end up not only eliminating the problems at hand but keeping it profitable while doing so!

Our model is simple, no commissions or fixed term contracts, just #SAYLALALA, where drivers meet deliveries.