1. To save themselves from the hassle of hiring full-time drivers and paying hefty fees to third parties.
  2.   Substantial reduction in delivery cost and the marginal increase in profits.

 Just follow the simple 3 step process to signup. Once registered, you have access to the fleet of drivers online who will accept your order and deliver it to your end customer.

 With the unique offering, we endeavour to save more than 40% of your delivery cost (by saving on third party commissions and wages of full-time delivery drivers)

 Just share referral code with your friends who you care about and offer great savings with us. Also, earn wallet points to be redeemed in the form of rewards. 

 By downloading Saylalala Ios or Android app in your mobile device or by clicking on weblink for a desktop version and follow 3 simple steps.

Saylalala strives to create a network of drivers throughout the country but we still think there would be the possibility of lack of drivers in some areas. We endeavour to recruit more drivers in those areas too. You can log in to the app and check the availability of drivers near you. 

No, you have to register with us to assign a driver by following 3 simple steps of the registration process. 

 You can add credits to your wallet and assign drivers accordingly or you can make a payment on a pay as you go basis as and when you assign a driver for your food delivery.


We endeavour to cater to a mass number of restaurants to fulfil their food delivery orders. This will ensure that the aggregation of orders will be higher than any third party portals resulting in more deliveries for drivers and more money in return.

 Just follow our 5 step registration process. Once your documents are verified you can start earning with us.

Saylalala provides a flexible working platform for drivers where they can choose the number of hours they want to dedicate for this service. This will dictate their earning potential averaging anywhere between £16 to £20 an hour provided you accept and deliver the maximum number of orders.

 Saylalala wants to encourage our existing drivers to build an exciting and enthusiastic community of drivers. We believe in rewarding drivers for bringing their friends and family to join our vibrant team of drivers by using our referral code.

Each pay period begins on Monday at 4 am and ends on following Monday at 3:59am. you will receive an email every Monday with link to your pay statement. You can also see your pay statement in the App Dashboard.

Please always wait for your finalised payment statement before contacting support regarding a payment issue, as some payments from the week (eg. incentives) are only added to your statement on Monday morning.

Payments are sent via direct deposit and should arrive in your bank account every Thursday/Friday.

You can email us at with your D.bee Code and your query.