Privacy Policy

Saylalala (hereinafter also referred to as "we", "our", “us” or "Saylalala") is devoted for the confidentiality and shielding of all the personal information of everyone who visits and/or uses our website, (hereinafter also referred to as “the Site”). Your name, photo or any of your contact details or data connected to such information which identifies you will be considered as Personal information. (information).

Please go through the following Privacy Policy, which would help you understand how your personal information is protected while using the Site.

All the users of the Site, can take an objection, in case if we are using, sharing or carrying out any activity with your personal information. The users can also object in case, if we use your personal information for any form of direct marketing (i.e. any emails from us which advertises such products which might be of your interest). You can communicate us and send us all the details in the contact section below for more details and to exercise this right if applicable.
Communication details

What information do we collect?

We collate your personal information in the following different ways:

Information given by you

Information collected automatically

How your information is used

Your personal information can be used in the following manners by us: Wherever we have your approval, we may utilise your information to send you the details related to our products and services which may interest you. This may also include the services which are subject to direct marketing and thus, we may also contact you through post, telephone, mobile messaging (e.g. SMS, MMS) and/or e-mail.

In the following cases, we may also have a genuine interest for your personal information:
In the following cases, we may have a legal obligation:
Automatic decision-making
Your personal information can be used for any automatic decision-making and for making any profiles about you. Your personal information can also be shared to any third party who can analyse your order data for any fraud detection purposes and may generate a profile relating to you.

Preservation of your Information
Revelation of your information

Your personal information can be revealed to:
In the event of any merger or acquisition, your personal information will be shared to such new owner of the Company. While, in case of winding up or reconstruction of the Company, your personal information can be sold or transferred to such third parties.

Transfer of your information internationally
Your rights
Privacy Policy changes
An email will be sent to you in case if any amendments are made to this Privacy Policy and the same will be posted on the Site.